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-We Accept Only Cash and Personal Checks With Proper Identification
-When Dining In, A 15% Gratuity Will Be Added To Groups Of 8 Or More
-Carry Out Is Available For The Entire Menu
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We Fry Exclusively With 0-Trans Fat Oil!

Caprese Salad $7.50
  Fresh Mozzarella,Fresh Basil,Roma Tomatoes,Balsamic Glaze  
Prosciutto & Melon $7.50
Homemade Provolone Sticks $7.00
  Coccia House Cheese,Hand Breaded,w/Classic Red Sauce or Zesty Marinara  
Homemade White Bean Hummus $5.00
  w/Romano Crostini  
Homemade Eggplant Dumplings $5.00
  w/Classic Red Sauce  
Stuffed Hot Banana Peppers $7.50
  w/Ground Coccia House Sausage & Asiago Cheese  
Sauteed Hot Banana Peppers $6.50
Sauteed Calarmari $8.00
  Unbreaded, Sauteed w/Garlic, Red Bell Peppers, & Fresh Basil in Sherry  
Sauteed Shrimp $7.75
  4 Jumbo Shrimp in Garlic, Butter & White Wine  
Homemade Meatballs $1.75/Each
  Rolled in our kitchen, w.Classic Red Sauce  
Soup Of The Day $3.25
Homemade Focaccia $5.50
  w/Basil Pesto & Fresh Mozzarella Cheese  
Homemade Garlic Crostini $3.50
  w/Classic Red Sauce  
Bruschettas $5.50
  w/Fresh Mozzarella Cheese,Diced Roma Tomatoes,Calamata Olives w/Crumbled Gorgonzola Cheese,Diced Red Onion,Red Roasted Pepper  
Italian Cheese Fries $7.00
  Crisped Prosciutto,Alfredo,Cheddar,Asiago Provolone,Pecorino Romano Cheeses  
Onion Rings $4.50
  Served with Ranch dressing  
French Fries $4.00
House Fries $4.50
  Tossed with Herbs and imported Romano Cheese  
House Veggies $6.25
  Seasonal Veggies sauteed in Olive Oil, Fresh Garlic, and Light Herbs  
Baked Potato $4.00
  With Butter and Sour Cream  


Sm. Lg.
Our Famous Cold Antipasto $12.00 $16.00
  w/Prosciutto, Genoa Salami, Pepperoni, Hot Peppers, Olives, Aged Provolone, Homemade Bread & Butter, House Italian Dressing    
Coccia House Caesar $9.00  
  Romaine Wedge, Crisped Prosciutto, Shaved Parmigiano Reggiano, Anchovy    
Spinach & Fresh Basil Salad $9.00  
  Charcoal Peppers, Tomato, Zucchini, Green Onions, House Warmed Balsamic Pancetta Vinaigrette    
Small Dinner Salad $4.00  
Deluxe Dinner Salad $6.25 $8.00
  w/Pepperoni, Olives, and Pepperoncini    
Fresh Fennel & Crimini Mushroom $7.50  
  House Made Orange Vinaigrette    
Pesto Stuffed Mushroom Salad $8.00  
  Sautéed Crimini Mushrooms Stuffed With Homemade Basil Pesto, Fresh Spinach, Red Onion, Tomato Wedges, Olive Oil, Fresh Lemon, Balsamic Glaze    
Bleu Cheese Crusted Chicken Salad $10.00  
  Marinated Chicken Breast, Bleu Cheese, Mixed Greens, Red Bell Pepper, Red Onion, Zucchini, House Italian Dressing    
Salmon Salad $8.00  
  Blackened Or Lemon Pepper Salmon, Mixed Greens, Olives, Cherry Tomatoes, Red Bell Pepper, Green Onions, House Made Poppy Seed Dressing    

House Italian • Oil and Vinegar • French • Ranch • House Poppy Seed • Creamy Bleu Cheese Dry Bleu Cheese : add $1.00

Pizza Pizza Pizza

Grandma Coccia’s family recipe: fresh dough daily, each pie made to order, never frozen.
Takes a little longer, but well worth the wait!

Plain 1 Item 2 Items 3 Items Works
Small $8.95 $10.35 $11.75 $13.15 $21.65
Medium $11.15 $12.65 $14.15 $15.65 $24.75
Large $13.75 $15.35 $16.95 $18.55 $28.25

Small Medium Large
Extra Items $1.40 $1.50 $1.60
Double Cheese $1.50 $1.60 $1.70
Anchovies $1.50 $1.60 $1.70

Items : Pepperoni, Sausage, Mushrooms, Hot Banana Peppers, Charcoal Peppers,
Green Peppers, Onion, Black Olives, Anchovies, Double Cheese

Order the Works and get double cheese free!
(Ask about our unbaked and half-baked pizzas to go)


Pasta dishes are served with a small Dinner Salad, Homemade Bread and Butter, Our Hand Rolled Meatballs, and your choice of Classic Red Sauce, Zesty Marinara, or Aglio e Olio. Each is available in Full or Half orders.

Homemade Spaghetti $14.00/$11.00
Cheese Ravioli $14.00/$11.00
Potato Gnocchi $14.00/$11.00
Sea Shells $11.00/$8.00
Rigatoni $11.00/$8.00
Penne $11.00/$8.00
Regular Spaghetti $11.00/$8.00
Angel Hair $11.00/$8.00
Fettuccine $11.00/$8.00

Mushroom Sauce • 1.75 Meat Sauce • 1.75 Alfredo Sauce • 1.75

These Sauces are also offered in place of Meatballs at no extra charge!

House Favorites

Served with a Dinner Salad and Homemade Bread and Butter. Available in Full or Half Orders Where Noted
Hand Breaded Eggplant Parmesan $14.00/$11.00
  w/Seasoned Crumbs,Provolone, Spaghetti, Classic Red Sauce or Zesty Marinara  
*Coccia House Sausage Marinara $15.00/$12.00
  Our Recipie, Link Style, Spaghetti, Zesty Marinara  
*Basil Pesto & Shrimp $15.00/$12.00
  Sauteed Shrimp, Penne, Homemade Basil Pesto  
Pasta Primavera $14.00/$11.00
  Sauteed Seasonal Veggies, Lemon, Garlic, Linguine  
*Chicken Pasta Calabria $15.00/$12.00
  Marinated Chicken Breast, Pasta Primavera  
Pepperoni Pasta $14.00/$11.00
  Crisped Pepperoni, Sauteed Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Zucchini, Imported Pecorino Romano Cheese  
Gnocchi & Basil Pesto $14.00/$11.00
  w/Yellow Pepper, Sun Dried Tomato, Caramelized Onion  
*Penne With Sausage Wine & Sage $15.00/$12.00
  Sliced Sausage Link, Cannellini Beans, Spinach, Calabrese Pepper  
*Italian Feast Fettuccine $20.00/$15.00
  Jumbo Shrimp, Mussels, Minced Clams, Scallops, Calamari  


Served with a small Dinner Salad, Homemade Bread and Butter, and your choice of a side at no additional charge

New York USDA Choice 12 oz Strip Steak $22.00
Giant 1” Center Cut Pork Loin Chops (2 or 1) $21.00/15.00
*Pork Chops Milano $17.00
  Grilled with Rosemary, Broiled w/Tomato & Provolone, Topped w/Sauteed Mushrooms & Onions, Side of Spaghetti  
Broiled Salmon Fillet $17.00
*Grilled Pork Rib Eye $17.00
  Rubbed With Oregano, Grilled With Crimini Mushrooms and Red Onion in a Sherry Reduction  
*Blackened Haddock & Italian Mac & Cheese $17.00
*Broiled Salmon Fillet $17.00
  Lemon Pepper, Blackened, or Honey Dijon Glazed  
*Lemon Pepper Sole Provincial $17.00
  Broiled w/Fresh Lemon, Topped w/Sautéed Diced Onion, Mushroom, Green Pepper, Calamata Olives, Diced Tomato  
*Veal Marsala & Angel Hair $18.00
  Imported Pecorino Romano Cheese, Onion, Green Pepper, Mushrooms, Marsala Cream  
*Veal Picatta $18.00
  Sauteed Red Onion, Capers, Lemon, White Wine  
*Veal Scaloppine & Angel Hair $18.00
  Sauteed Peppers, Onion, Special Tomato Sauce  
*Chicken Marsala & Angel Hair $15.00
  Marinated Chicken Breast, Imported Pecorino Romano Cheese, Onion, Green Pepper, Mushrooms, Marsala Cream  
*Chicken Parmesan & Linguine $15.00
  Marinated Rosemary Chicken Breast, Fresh Basil, Melted Provolone, Classic Red Sauce  
*Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo $15.00
  Marinated Chicken Breast, Made To Order Alfredo Sauce  
*Big Daddy Pasta $15.00/$12.00
  Coccia House Sausage, Caramelized Onion, Bleu Cheese  
*Meat Lovers Penne $15.00/$12.00
  Crisped Pepperoni, House Sausage, House Meat Sauce  
*Linguine And White Clam Sauce $15.00/$12.00
  Mucho Chopped Clams, Garlic, Herbs, Made To Order  
*Mediterranean Shrimp & Linguine $18.00/$14.00
  Diced Roma Tomatoes, Calamata Olives, Scallions, Fresh Basil Sautéed in Garlic Butter and White Wine  


House Cannellini Beans (w/Red Bell Pepper, Pancetta, Sherry $4.00
Eggplant Dumplings $3.00
House Veggies $4.00
Sauteed Mushrooms & Onions $4.00
Sauteed Spinach & Bleu Cheese $4.00
Rice Pilaf $3.00
Pecorino Romano Home Fries $3.75
Baked Potato (w/Butter & Sour Cream) $4.00
French Fries $2.00
Apple Sauce $2.00
Fettuccine Alfredo $4.00
Spaghetti and Red Sauce $3.75
Bread and Butter $2.00


*The 1/3 Pound Burger $6.25
  w/Cheese $7.00
*The Double 1/3 Pound Burger $9.25
  w/Cheese $10.00
Sausage Sub $9.75
  Coccia House Sausage, Sauteed Green Peppers, Provolone, Classic Red Sauce  
Meatball Sub $9.50
  Homemade, Provolone, Classic Red Sauce  
Italian Grilled Cheese $6.50
  Pizza Cheese, Homemade Grilled Bread  
Italian Grilled Ham and Cheese $7.75
  The above with Prosciutto!  
Grilled Chicken $9.25
  Marinated Chicken Breast, Provolone and Whatever  
Fish Sandwich $8.00
  Breaded White Fish On A Bun  
Eggplant Slider $6.00
  Hand Breaded Eggplant, Povolone, Red Sauce  

Desserts (ask about our daily special!)

Homemade Canoli $3.50
Homemade Tiramisu $6.00
Italian Spumoni $5.50
Gelato & Sorbetto of the Day (Ask Your Server!)


Coffee-The Bottomless Cup $2.25
Brewed Decaf $2.25
Hot Tea $2.25
Iced Tea $2.25
Milk-White and Chocolate $2.25
Soda-Coke,Diet Coke,Cherry Coke,Sprite,Root Beer $2.25
Regular & Decaf Espresso $3.00(single) $5.00(double)
Cappucino & Latte $5.00

Your Beer Selections

Bass Ale $4.50 Miller Genuine Draft $3.50
Beck's $4.50 Miller Lite $3.50
Blue Moon $4.50 Molson Golden $4.50
Budweiser,Bud Light,Bud Lime $3.50 O'Douls (non alcoholic) $3.50
Bud Ice $2.95 Peroni $4.50
Bud Light $2.95 Redd's Apple Ale $3.50
Coors,Coors Light $3.50 Rolling Rock $3.50
Corona, Corona Light $4.50 Samuel Adams $4.50
Great Lakes $4.50 Stella Artois $4.50
Great Lakes Chill Wave IPA $5.00 Yuengling,Light,Black & Tan $4.00
Guinness One-Pint $5.00 New Belgian Fat Tire $5.00
Killians $4.50 New Belgian Ranger IPA $5.00
Leinenkugel $4.50 Great Lakes Chill Wave IPA $5.00
Michelob,Mich Light $4.00
Mich Ultra,Amber Bock $4.00
Mike's Hard Lemonade $4.50
Miller High Life $5.00

House Wines

Standard House Pour (Rose,Burgundy,Lambrusco)
Glass $4.50
Small Carafe $9.00
Large Carafe $16.00
Premium House Pours
Cabernet Sauvignon $5.00/Glass
Merlot $5.00/Glass
Chardonnay $5.00Glass
White Zinfandel $5.00/Glass
Chianti $5.00/Glass
Wine Coolers $5.00

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